"Normal" weddings are usually based on pretty standard tradition. You can choose elements of a wedding like your dress, flowers, guests, food etc... But the format is the same. First you plan all of the details, then one partner walks down the isle, the other partner at the end, an officiant says a bunch of words then you kiss. The whole time everyone is watching you and then you’re expected to entertain them all. This is great for some people.

But is this really for you though? Is that really the best format for the most important moment in your unique relationship? If you could do it your own way what would it look like? 

unique ceremonies and elopements

Perhaps you want a self-uniting ceremony where it’s only you, your partner and a photographer. Perhaps you want a ceremony where each of your guests is involved in someway. Perhaps you want to be distant from your guests during part of the ceremony. Perhaps you want to incorporate meditation into your ceremony or dance or some other kind of symbolic imagery. Think big and I will help you make it real.

self uniting wedding ceremony on the beaches of Hawaii.

when it's just you and your partner, alone, how do you really connect? What are the anchors of your love? 

I believe weddings should be more artistic and unique to the people getting married than built around tradition. By structuring a ceremony where partners can feel calm and helping curate a beautiful environment for photos I am able to create a mystical moment. 

When you hire me to help create and capture your non-traditional ceremony I will listen to what you are looking for and then offer ideas for:

  • Locations that will reflect the two of you as a couple, look beautiful in the photographs and somewhere you will feel safe and comfortable.
  • A timeline that is as relaxed as possible. 
  • A ceremony that will reflect your ideals, give you moments of connection and look beautiful in images. 
  • Vendors who are down to earth and deliver quality results. 
  • Design recommendations for decor and site plan. 

Everything I recommend is based on my ten years of experience photographing thousands of clients and overcoming my own personal anxieties. Not only have I learned what looks good, but I’ve learned what helps people stay true to themselves and maintain a relaxed frame of mind. 

you don't need a minister

You don't need someone to tell you that you are married, you can tell each other and the world that yourselves.

I specialize in helping couples create their own unique self-uniting ceremonies, rehearse them and then direct them in a minimal way while I photograph them. I am ordained and available to be licensed in any state. So, I am able to complete any documentation as your "officiant".

It's actually a lot easier and more relaxed than having someone that is there whose only purpose is to preside over the experience.

No one understands your promise like you and your partner do. You are married because you say you are married.... not someone else.

Self uniting ceremony on Makua Beach on Oahu.



“Erin is hands down one of the best decisions we made in the wedding planning process. She goes above and beyond to make sure her clients get what they want. She reached out multiple times leading up to our wedding day to chat and go over timelines, taking a lot of stress off me as the day grew closer. Our wedding photos were absolutely gorgeous, as well as personal.”

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When you hire me you are getting much more than a wedding photographer. You can think of me as a magical friend that takes your dreams and makes them real. I will do everything I can to make your wedding as beautiful as you have imagined. 

You can contact me with this form, email me directly at erinAparis@gmail.com or call/text me at 808-391-3622


  • 100 images - $1500
  • 200 images - $2500
  • 300 images - $3500
  • 400 images - $4500

.... Available in all 50 states with no additional travel fees.

All weddings include help with planning, rehearsal, conducting your ceremony, officiating wedding documents, direction and help with setting up your ceremony site as well as photography on up to two consecutive days. Images are given a basic edit (color correction, cropping and dodge and burn) and made available to download in high resolution on an online gallery. Artistic edits are available in web sizes, prints are available at an additional cost.