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Photography is the interpretation of a moment in space and time.

Every moment is a result of what we choose for ourselves.

Therefore a photograph is an interpretation of a choice.

My goal in photography has always been to show that beauty is a choice. It's the result of appreciating opportunity and making the effort to get to the right place. A great image is about creating a reality and then interpreting that reality with love and wonder. You deserve great images and I'm here to serve them to ya. :)



“We were coming to Hawaii for a destination wedding and not sure what we wanted to do photographer or officiant wise.. then we stumbled across Erin who promised to do both. We weren't sure how this was going to work with her taking pictures at the same time, but it ended up perfectly. Erin guided us through the process and it was seamless. Instead of someone we didn't know leading us through the ceremony, Erin set it up so we could do it ourselves. We NEVER imagined it would turn out so well.”

01 / 09