Fall 2020 RTW alternative wedding dresses

Let's dream for a moment that we can choose whatever gown we want to wear on our wedding. Most people would go straight to the bridal shops. I suggest however, that we turn to the runway. A wedding is meant to be a once in a lifetime moment and on that moment, personally, I'd rather wear designer than bridal. It's the artist fashion diva that lives inside of me.

Weddings can be like works of art, timeless in their expression. They've gotten a bad rap for being cheesy when in fact they are the most important moment to express a sense of style. By choosing designer over "bridal" wear, you are choosing art and style over a more traditional look.

Don't get me wrong, there are some very fashionable bridal designers out there with stunning, alternative designs. In fact I'll be featuring them on this blog as well down the line. The difference is that bridal is more geared towards a more traditional sense of beauty whereas runway designer gowns are more geared towards an artistic statement.

If you've done any special occasion wear shopping you know that it's much more high stakes than shopping for casual wear. Regardless of your budget you want to make sure you are making the right choice.

You may not have the budget for a fresh off the runway gown, but, you might have enough to buy a designer gown on sale at sites like farfetch.com. They offer designers like Chloe, Valentino, McQueen etc... for extremely discounted rates. I saw a Marchesa gown for under $400!

Let's dream for a moment again and imagine that you have enough money to get one of this seasons dresses. Let me give you a run-down of some standouts and some concepts for non-traditional wedding gowns that were seen on the runway....

spiritual robes

Robes and simplistic clothing has long been a staple of the religious spiritual attire. By simplifying or minimizing adornment one can release the ego and focus on the magic of the spirit. With society becoming more and more chaotic many of us long to attain spiritual purity to have some sort of balance in our lives. Dressing in

Carolina Herrera

Ann Demeulemeester



jil sander



Vintage is always going to be classic and y2k is the new vintage. The influence of the early 2000's has been brewing in the fashion scene for a few years now. But, its influence in wedding fashion is certainly untapped. There is such irreverance in incorporating vintage tones and elements into a wedding. So much fun.



Dilara Findikoglu


Simone Rocha



It's exactly what it sounds like: hardcore cottage vibes. Cottagecore is a particularly cute aesthetic for weddings because it's really romantic and sweet. A lot of its aesthetic vibes center around doing things slowly which is a great way to calm an anxious mind on a wedding day. Cottagecore harkens back to an era where people connected face to face and life happened at a slower pace. Adopting this mindset can help keep you focused on the experience.



Paco Rabanne



delicate + barely there

This trend is going hot in the wedding industry. The use of nudes and sheers are so sexy and romantic, it's hard to turn away. Expect this style to stay popular for so long it becomes normalized, falls out of fashion and then resurrected when the 2020's become vintage someday.


Antonio Marras

Paco Rabanne


If you liked the last idea perhaps you want to take it one step further! Lol, yes I know this seems like such an "improper" suggestion but I beg you, just listen to this idea. It's just you and your partner. You want to have two ceremonies: one for just the two of you and a more casual one for friends and family. You want the one that is just for you and your partner to be vulnerable and stimulating... like the moments you share with each other in private. You love your bodies and you want to celebrate that in your photos. I personally think this is beautiful and ok. You are allowed to marry each other in whatever way you want and what feels the most personal to you. Here are a few outfits that would take a wedding like that from radical to pure surrealism.

Dilara Findikoglu


Vivienne Westwood


silver and gold

There is no law that says you have to wear white on your wedding day and in fact, gold and silver sparkle brighter than white. As a photographer I love the sparkle of these dresses. It makes me want to use a star filter in the bright sunlight!! I'd also like to think metallic and sparkly materials pay homage to technology. I could easily see Grimes and Elon getting married in metallic fits.

Andrew GN





Valentin Yudashkin

romantic deconstructivism

The past few years have seen a trend originating from the New York / London crowd that feature fabrics and constructions that are reminiscent of costumes made for a high school play that takes place in the Renaissance. It features a lot of silks paired with heavily embroidered ribbons, stockings and corsets. In the beginning the trend was so crude it was almost a more colorful crust punk. However, it has become more and more refined to the point it's now palatable to a higher end market like special occasion wear.

Simone Rocha


Alianna Liu

historic european

On the heels of Romantic Deconstructivism we get even more refined. This style is an echo of an opulence that once was.

Alexander McQueen

Ann Demeulemeester



As mentioned, there is no law that says a wedding dress should be white. My suggestion is that wedding dresses should be eye-catching and special. They should contrast or match well with the environment and guests involved. A bright color can make a celebrant stand out especially when their gusts are wearing neutral colors.

Ralph & Russo


Elie Saab

wearable art

As it's a once and a lifetime experience and all why not make a show. Have a full couture moment (even though this is all ready to wear).

Comme des Garcons

Ashley Williams

I hope you guys liked this run-down of the season (even though I'm a little late and this blog is just starting) I love wedding fashion. Even though, dresses are just icing on the cake, they sure are sweet to look at and dream about.

If you could wear any designer for your wedding who would it be? (I'm a big Valentino fan.) What style do you love the most?