Photoshoots 101

How to have the prettiest photos ever


How to have the prettiest photos ever

What to wear

This is probably one of the most important aspects of your shoot as your wardrobe is going to be the main thing that sets the mood of your images! Here's are the most important tips to creating an outfit that will look fabulous in images:

  • Match the mood of the location - wear something that you might actually wear to the location depending on the mood of the scenario. You wouldn't wear the same thing to the city as would the beach in real life so it would be confusing if you did it in your pictures!
  • Stay neutral - Keep the color palate of the image consistent by choosing colors and patterns that won't visually fight with the other beautiful elements in the picture (i.e. you and the background. Try to stay as neutral as possible. A few very sparing pops of color can work if used very sparingly and, once again, it matches the mood of the image.
  • Layer and accessorize - It adds texture and visual interest just make sure that it matches the mood of the image.
  • Some patterns are ok - As long as they are small and low contrast. The difference between the dark and the light can't be big otherwise it will draw too much attention and be visually distracting. If in question if a pattern is too big or contrasty just send me a pic! I'm always here to help.
  • Coordinate - but don't match!! Let the way you compliment each other show that you are unique individuals that go well together without having to be the same. Your individualities should shine and harmonize just like you normally do.
  • Go shopping - Did I just give you an excuse to go shopping?? Yes. Yes I did. If you are going to make an investment in having nice pictures taken then it makes sense to invest in something that will look great in those pictures.
  • Hire a stylist - If possible book an appointment with someone that can help you choose out a flattering and current look. Nordstrom and J.Crew offer free stylists and have selections that look great on camera. Just be sure to show them this portion of the guide to give them an idea of what I am looking for as well as a mood board if you have one.
  • Bring at least 3 outfits - minimum. Sometimes that option that you almost brought could be exactly what would have worked perfectly. The choices, the more accurate the final outfit will be to the mood.
  • Wear something with movement - Dresses that blow in the wind, tassels that swing with your steps, bouncy skirts that sway... these types of outfits are free flowing and expressive which is exactly what we want our photos to be as well! 




Mood boards are just a collection of images put together to convey ideas and a mood for a shoot. The best way to start your mood board is to make a folder on your computer of images that you can collect from pinterest, tumblr, blogs ect... then start putting them together on a service like to create your board.





A mood board is not only to inspire the wardrobe of the shoot but the mood of accessories, props, location, lighting, color palate ect... In this board you can see I'm going for a dark tropical magical feeling





Mood boards use all kinds of visual different elements to describe the desired feeling. Anything goes! You can see how the details in this board contribute to it's cool, natural modern vibe. 


Some final tips on creating your board:

  • Come up with three descriptive words for your mood. For example: boho-bright-happy / retro-beachy-chill / fairytale-soft-sweet / mysterious-dark-romantic. Make sure each image is in harmony with your three words.
  • Remember when it comes to images anything goes as long as it contributes to the mood of the board. If it doesn't work toss it!
  • Different elements to include in your board: art, typography, outfits, hairstyles, colors, layouts, home decor, prop ideas, locations, plants, accessories, objects
  • Focus on color, texture and feeling. Make sure that those three things are in harmony
  • Collage makers are easy and free to use online so make a few and send me one you really like!