Photoshoots 101

How to have the prettiest photos ever


How to have the prettiest photos ever

Types of shoots

Photojournalistic - This is where I just show up and shoot. We can talk a bit about where to set up and what kind of actions to do but other than that I just keep a bit of distance and let whatever naturally happens unfold. This is for the client who wants a pure natural image.

Traditional - This type of shoot is not styled and consists of traditional posing and incorporating scenery into the photos. It works best for those who want a very basic clean straightforward image, usually for a framed print or christmas / thank you cards

Styled - A more creative shoot, I will assist you in figuring out what to wear and what kind of creative poses and shots to get.  A great type for people who have an idea of what they might like but not sure how to pull it off. I'll find out more about you through some questionnaires and then make suggestions until we can figure out the perfect set-up. It's a more involved process and results in the popular style of imagery that is often seen on popular wedding blogs like Style Me Pretty.

Combination - A mix of any of the above styles. My favorite is a combination of photojournalistic and styled!



shot ideas

Ideas are always ALWAYS welcome! Your ideas for certain poses, scenarios, detail, you name it will help the photos show your flair. You can either send me a list or a link to a Pinterest with images you like or just let me know the day of the shoot in person. Feel free to crowd source as well with your friends or partner to generate more. It's best to gather a whole lot of ideas that you love before the shoot so that we can be prepared with a variety!



how i shoot


My goal is not just to capture the authenticity of people, but to crystalize the moments we were able to share together. It all starts with idea and setting up that idea. We then start shooting, letting whatever naturally happens unfold. I may give some directions from time to time if I have any other ideas, but they are always just ideas and are in no way mandatory. The most important thing for me is to have fun with my subjects and keep the vibe mellow and intimate.

When we shoot together I will often shoot on a slightly wider lens to be able to come closer and get a more intimate feel. Shooting closely allows me to capture my subjects at their most vulnerable state. In getting close i can see you the way your children or lover sees you. The realest you that can be seen. I'm always gauging how my subjects are feeling so that i can shoot them in their most authentic moments.

I rarely ever shoot for less than 2 hours because it gives us time to relax. Pure moments don't unfold in front of the camera when there is an overbearing agenda. The most beautiful moments in life in general are the ones where we feel free.