Photoshoots 101

How to have the prettiest photos ever


How to have the prettiest photos ever


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A few tips on location:

  • Choose somewhere that means something to you. Perhaps somewhere you've fantasized about or have a fond memory of. 
  • Locations ideally don't have a lot of distracting things in the back ground like random signs, trash cans, cars, other people ect...  we want the major focus of the image to be you and the mood. 




Props are anything that we can use to create depth and visual interest with in your shoot. They really add flavor to any portrait session by giving more visual cues to the mood. 

A few ideas for props

  • Mood board inspired - Check your mood board the we talked about in "what to wear" for inspiration. For example if you had a picture of a shell you might want to bring one!
  • Something personal - We want our photos to be as reflective of you as possible, so bring something that shows an interesting side of you. Think about your hobbies, what kind of movies you like, your past, your future, the favorite items in your home, your favorite time of year.... Bring something that can represent who you are.
  • Signs - can be used to say something sweet and meaningful and can personalize a shoot very quickly. Signs can be anything from a garland with letters, to a chalk board or scrabble letters. Make sure that the look of it and what it says harmonizes well with your mood board.
  • Pets are welcome! - And oh gosh are they the cutest things forever and always
  • Bring at least 3 - minimum. Variety and choice are usually the backbone of any good photoshoot.