The presence of memories


A photographers job is to help people remember in a visceral way. It's to help them and the people close to them vividly experience a moment of the past. As photographers this is our greater purpose.

This task cannot be accomplished by digital files alone. Yes, of course my clients can always make prints themselves. But, how can I know for sure that they will get something tangible that will reflect the importance of the image?

This is why I include prints and photo books within my services.

The products you are about to see are not only worthy of heirloom images, but also allow me to stay within tight budgets. ;) They are all the products that come with 1-5 hours of service.

I've chosen to publish the provider of these books and prints, Artifact Uprising, along side my pricing guide because I'm not trying to promote these products in a way that would make me some sort of profit. I believe that these beautiful printed items should be in the hands of every customer and they should be seen as more of a gift than something I tack on to my photography rates to justify higher charges. 

Honestly these things are really fun to create and I'm excited to make many many more!! These particular books are from my collaboration with Team Mina Hawaii.

The two on top are the 2 8x10 prints that are included in every order, the one below them is the 20 page (40 sides) softcover photo book that comes with wedding of 2-3 hours and the bottom book is the 25 page (50 sides) hardcover photo book that comes for weddings of 4-5 hours.


Sent with each direct order. Clients have a choice of either two 8x10s or four 4x6s. 

Photo books

Definitely the most customizable part of a wedding package. Clients can feel free to take them out for a small discount or order extras for their family! All additional photo books are under $100. :)

The album design process starts a week or two after a clients photos are delivered. Albums can either be horizontally or vertically oriented.


Choice of 4 different color fabrics and either a partial or full dust jacket



A cliffside family vow renewal


Let's just say that there is a certain photographer that you want. Let's also say that their package doesn't fit your price range. 

You have two options: to either walk away and find a photographer that is in your price range or contact said photographer and see if you can negotiate.

Gina decided to do the later. 

Now it's not often that I get a bride that so wants me to shoot her wedding that she asks me to make an exception to my packages... but when I do it's actually quite flattering! To know that your imagery is so loved is humbling. Most brides could take me or leave me based on the price of another similar quality photographer. But, when one is certain that you are the one for her you fall in love a little bit. 

That's what happened with Gina.

At first I told her that I was quite firm with my pricing... after all my pricing is based on my costs and what I know my time is worth. I also shoot for a company that does Japanese weddings so I won't charge less than what they pay as well. I stand by my pricing because it's fair.

However, in this case I was easily able to lower the minimum amount of time we shot to maintain the fairness of my pricing but also to stay on budget.

In the end I ended up shooting the regular amount of time anyways because I just really enjoyed her family and it really was so nice to know that my work was so loved. It was my pleasure to serve her and give her photos like these:


Instagram Meet-up in Waikiki


If you know me you know my favorite hobby is Instagram. It truly is a social network that people who love photography cherish! It's a place where we can not only show our work but find people who are doing similar things! To be honest attending this insta-meet was kind of last minute. I was literally walking out the door to go thrifting when I saw my girlfriend post that she was going... and well the rest was history! Granted Waikiki is not the easiest place to take pictures due to the very large amounts of people and... well.... things that I just don't want in my pictures! I was pleasantly surprised though when I sat down to edit all of my shots. These are captured with BOTH my android and my canon 5d mkiii....... Can you tell which ones were shot with which? 

2015-03-22 12.38.16 2.jpg