Amy and Craig in sunrise: A post wedding shoot


3 days before this shoot it did not look like the images you are about to see. It was windy, rainy, cloudy and it was Amy and Craig's wedding day.

Now usually brides are fine with just taking pictures on their wedding day. Even though it's best to shoot more than one day it's slightly unusual for a couple to shoot more than once.

However, the pictures you are about to see will make you realize why it's so important to shoot on more than one day (especially the wedding day) and why Amy made the smartest decision. If one day turns out to be less than ideal we always have a back-up... and in this case a stunning back-up to say the least!

Would you wake up early to do a sunrise shoot as well or would you rather sleep in and shoot the sunset? What do you think about shooting more than one day? What kind of shoot would you have planned as a second shoot for your wedding? I always love to hear from you so please leave a comment and tell me whatcha think! :)


Beachy and NSFW: A boudoir shoot


I'm and instagramer. It's true. I love posting pictures and checking out others peoples pictures..... a lot. One of the great things about instagram is the ability to form community with other people that share your visual interest. So, when I made a shoutout for girls that would be interested in doing a boudoir shoot with me one of the people that I had met through instagram replied. Her name is Chelsea Robinson. 

She's a mainland import along with her husband Donny but the've really taken to the island vibe out here. Her instagram feed is usually her looking great in a bikini on the beach.... she's livin' the good life out here for sure :) 

Boudoir is an exciting style of photography for me. It's so sensual and empowering. To be completely honest without going into to much detail I have gone through periods of my life where I was in situations where I made a living off of being more exposed than some would feel comfortable with. It was quite a powerful experience to know that I was so desirable in such a vulnerable state. Although doing that for work wasn't ideal by any means, to be able to experience that with the person that you love the most is surreal in it's beauty. 

Let me know what you think about boudoir photos in the comments below!



Studio H dance

For the past few years My friend Hillary has been having me come and take pictures of her student performances and this year I got to take some shots of the girls in practice. It's so powerful to see girls gain so much confidence working togeather to express themselves. It was really inspiring..... and pretty cute as well ;)

You can visit their facebook page here :)