N O C E A N : All men become ghost but art lives forever


I love my boyfriend. I am admittedly very inspired by him and his clothing company called Nocean. We often talk for hours about art, business and the mix of the two. I think we love art as much as we love each other which is saying a lot! 

One day we found ourselves with some free time which is often a recipe for a photo adventure. This time however he had a Nocean shirt on hand and I had my camera! So we went out to Hanapepe Loupe in Hawaii Kai and took the following images.

The shirt he is wearing is called ACT III. BUILD which he will be releasing at this years Kawaii Kon at the Hawaii Convention Center. Feel free to stop by and visit!


If you get the chance to check him out please do!

His online shop can be found here: S T O R E
and his blog can be found here: B L O G
Instagram: @hometownghost / @noceanclothing

......... So what do ya think of my bf? ;) please comment and let me know whatcha think! ttys! <3