Instagram Meet-up in Waikiki


If you know me you know my favorite hobby is Instagram. It truly is a social network that people who love photography cherish! It's a place where we can not only show our work but find people who are doing similar things! To be honest attending this insta-meet was kind of last minute. I was literally walking out the door to go thrifting when I saw my girlfriend post that she was going... and well the rest was history! Granted Waikiki is not the easiest place to take pictures due to the very large amounts of people and... well.... things that I just don't want in my pictures! I was pleasantly surprised though when I sat down to edit all of my shots. These are captured with BOTH my android and my canon 5d mkiii....... Can you tell which ones were shot with which? 

2015-03-22 12.38.16 2.jpg