Amy and Craig's windy ranch wedding


Let me start off by saying that I've known Amy since we were 5. We lived next to each other and we were in the same one classroom grade growing up. We drifted apart as most classmates do but thanks to the magic of Facebook we were able to keep in touch. Luckily for me she had seen that I have been doing weddings and called me up when it was time for her big day! :)

Sunset Ranch makes for a beautiful backdrop for any photo shoot... Anywhere free of cars, telephone poles, trash cans and ugly buildings usually makes for a pretty easy shoot! This day however was going to prove to be a little difficult. Hawaii went through some crazy weather in the first month of 2015. We saw wind storm after wind storm and to be honest by February it had almost become a way of life to see huge branches flying around everywhere and having to keep the windows shut because things would start flying around inside the house if they weren't!

Needless to say this type of weather wasn't ideal however the funny thing is that bad weather weddings usually turn out to be the most fun. There's something about things not going as planned to keep everyone focused on what's really important: the love between two people who are now joined together. 

From an extremely delayed shuttle of guests, to rain during their outdoor ceremony to losing power right before the first dance (people just started signing so that they could have music and lit them with the flashlights of their phones)... this wedding was a wild one. Regardless Amy and Craig had the time of their lives and so did I. Here are the pictures to prove it:

What did you think of Amy's wedding? Also did you see my first black and white images? Which one is your favorite shot? Let me know what you think! It's always great to hear from you :) 


Team Mina first photoshoot

I've been working a lot lately with a japanese wedding company that wants to offer Hawaiian style weddings with new unique images and boutique styling. Hawaii weddings are very popular in Japan so I'm really looking forward to working with Mina and her team more in the future!


Make-up and hair: Racyne Sugai of Sassarela

Flowers and styling: Mina Usui of Team Mina