A cliffside family vow renewal


Let's just say that there is a certain photographer that you want. Let's also say that their package doesn't fit your price range. 

You have two options: to either walk away and find a photographer that is in your price range or contact said photographer and see if you can negotiate.

Gina decided to do the later. 

Now it's not often that I get a bride that so wants me to shoot her wedding that she asks me to make an exception to my packages... but when I do it's actually quite flattering! To know that your imagery is so loved is humbling. Most brides could take me or leave me based on the price of another similar quality photographer. But, when one is certain that you are the one for her you fall in love a little bit. 

That's what happened with Gina.

At first I told her that I was quite firm with my pricing... after all my pricing is based on my costs and what I know my time is worth. I also shoot for a company that does Japanese weddings so I won't charge less than what they pay as well. I stand by my pricing because it's fair.

However, in this case I was easily able to lower the minimum amount of time we shot to maintain the fairness of my pricing but also to stay on budget.

In the end I ended up shooting the regular amount of time anyways because I just really enjoyed her family and it really was so nice to know that my work was so loved. It was my pleasure to serve her and give her photos like these: