Photoshoots 101

How to have the prettiest photos ever.


How to have the prettiest photos ever

Look great!


Fortunately we've already talked about a few things that will put you in your best light:

  • Choosing the right style of shoot for the personality of you and anyone else who will be photographed.
  • Wearing something that makes you look and feel cool!
  • A location that resonates with you
  • Props that you really like and can have fun with

Now we can talk about a few other things that will really seal the deal and make you a natural star.



The art of not posing


Authentic human emotion is so awesome that it can make a bad picture good and a good picture epic! You are the most beautiful when you are unaware and enjoying the presence of the moment. Posing is the opposite of that. Posing means holding still and paying attention. I prefer the idea of "setting up a shot". I guide my subjects into a position that looks good on camera from which they are free to do what they like. Here's a list of things to keep in mind while shooting:

  • Unfrozen - Keep moving to give the image life. Every few shots move something; your hand, your gaze, your smile, your posture... do something that feels natural to do. Feeling stiff means you're too aware of the camera which is the complete opposite of what we want!
  • Play it up - Pre tend that the camera is your friend... or someone you find cute.... have fun! flirt! The camera can be kind of scary cause it's recording you but if you can envision it as someone you like it becomes a lot more relaxing and fun.... beside the camera is just a part of me and I'm your friend :)
  • The camera likes - cuddles, laughs, kisses, dancing, tender moments, come-hither smiles, joy, serenity, hugs, caresses, the look of "i love you", memories, pure hearts, spontaneity.... come to the shoot with some of those things and we'll be golden!
  • Talk sweetly - Sometimes there are moments when I may be photographing you start talking with each other or someone else which can actually be very helpful. Just keep the conversation light and fun / romantic because we look and stay more relaxed when we are talking about enjoyable things.
  • Traditional tips - Keep a loose space between your arms and body because if you press your arm too closely to your body it may look squished or misshapen. Keep your weight on one leg because when you stand evenly on both it looks stiff.... and slightly awkward. 


Getting ready

In the time prior to your shoot you'll want to prepare yourself to look your best There are a few things you can do to cross your t's and dot your i's:

  • Schedule an appointment to have your hair cut and / or colored around a week or two prior
  • Plan to have your nails done the day before the shoot... if possible add a facial and a massage to that list as well!
  • Schedule an appointment to have your hair and make up done a few hours before shooting starts. A lot of people recommend that you test out your wedding look the day of your engagement or boudoir shoot but I disagree. It's better to have your own unique style for each. The most important thing is that your style matches the mood of the current shoot.
  • A few days before the shoot try on your clothes to make sure that they fit. If they don't either return them for a better fitting size if you purchased them for the shoot or find a different outfit. Do not starve yourself for your photos. A weight difference of 5 or 10 pounds really won't make that big of a difference. You're expressions are much more noticeable than your size... as long as your clothes fit right!
  • Gather all of your outfits and props together in one location so that nothing gets forgotten.