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What is a new-wave wedding?
Tradition doesn't work for everyone. A new wave weddings takes the intimacy and photogenicness of a ceremony into account where a traditional ceremony does not and seeks to be minimalist in approach so that calmness and peace of mind is inherent. Photography is integrated as part of the process instead of being relegated to an afterthought. The experience of the couple is the most important aspect of the ceremony rather than religious or patriarchal practices. The symbolism revolves around more universal ideas of connection, equality and the wonder of spirit and love. There is a reduction of vendors involved to increase the simplicity.

Are you available for traditional weddings?
I am totally available for traditional weddings, however I do still believe that the more the needs of the photos and my ideas as an experienced photographer can be incorporated the better the images will be.  I will likely still want to help with the design of the ceremony site and help direct the ceremony so that it looks as epic as we can dream. 

Why do you help with the planning?
All great weddings start with a great plan and I've found that the best weddings are not only planned around the dreams and ideas of the couple but with beautiful photos in mind as well. Because there really isn't anyone who understands how to make a beautiful final image better than a photographer, new-wave weddings are planned by the person who creates the images. Traditionally weddings are planned by a wedding planner, officiant or venue and while these vendors often have the best intentions they don't always understand how things translate to a final image. If your wedding involves a reception I may help with the floor plan and table decoration but you will need a planner to help coordinate all the other aspects not related to the images like guest and food management. I do have an assistant that helps with coordination if needed on the day of. 

Why do you prefer weddings without officiants?
It has been my experience that often officiants can detract from the intimacy and photogenicness of ceremonies. Oh, the stories I could tell you. There are so many reasons why weddings are just better off without them. Firstly, most couples find their officiant online which means that they don't really know that person and aren't likely to ever see that person again.... except in their wedding photos. Usually I am trying to get strangers out of the photos! Even if couples are familiar with their officiant, there are still so many ways that person can end up detracting from the photos. Sometimes officiants wear awful outfits, have the couple stand off centered or block the angle of a meaningful shot. Sometimes they don't move after they pronounce the kiss and their face ends up in the space between a couples necks which doesn't really translate very well lol! Sometimes they rush, have indifferent attitudes or somehow create a less than peaceful intimate experience. Sometimes they recommend things during the planning phase to a couple that is not a very good idea. In general they are a wild card  in the process of the ceremony and the creation of the ceremonial images and they have the ability to make my life hell.... *ahem* what I really mean they have the ability to make the image making process very difficult. Another big reason is that the photos of people listening to someone talk aren't usually very moving or meaningful. Besides, when an officiant talks they are usually either lecturing about love is something you likely already know about or they are directing the couple to do something which is something that, in my case and humble opinion, would better accomplished by the person making the images.

Will you shoot weddings that have an officiant?
Yes, definitely! However I do ask that my couples ask their officiants to go over the ceremony with me and be willing to work with me to make sure the images come out great. If you are still looking for an officiant one of my long time best friends is an officiant and will officiate weddings on any island for $500. Her name is Alea Backus, email: aleaschechter@gmail.com, phone: 808-358-9553. She understands the concept of new-wave weddings and is very spiritual and we work together really well. :)

How can you be an officiant if you are also my photographer????
It's actually much more simple than it may seem. It's my experience that images of people listening to someone are best left to video which means that I can direct you, say a few meaningful statements then take the images. I realized that freedom allowed the image making process to become much more spiritually involved in the ceremony.

How does a ceremony work if you are the officiant photographer?
The great thing is that we can work together to create a ceremony completely structured to what works for you and your images. So nothing is set in stone but there is a format that works well. First, I will direct couples into a few meditative and symbolically meaningful moments before asking them to say their vows. Once they've said their vows and exchanged their rings at their own pace and with their own words they are directed to wait until I get into position to take the kiss shot and give them the signal. Once I give the signal they may kiss and be married! We can add anything you like to the basic format like readings from guests, blessings from a spiritual or religious minister, or other traditions like washing each others feet, a tea ceremony or handfasting. 

Is it legal to have you officiate?
Yes, I am completely licensed and ordained to perform weddings in the State of Hawaii. Every couple must apply for a marriage license themselves and when you take that step you will be able to list my name as officiant and you will see that my name is registered. 


Why do you charge based on number of images delivered rather than time?
If you have been shopping around you may have noticed that most photographers charge based on time but I do not. The first reason is that often couples want more covered than their budget will allow. Charging based on images allows me to stay longer so that we can cover all the events you would like regardless of your budget. The biggest reason though is that i think shooting is WAY more fun than editing and it's the editing that always takes the longest anyways. It relieves the pressure to just create a ton of images that will ultimately slow down my processing time. This way my workflow is smoother and the wait time is more reasonable for everyone. 

How do I book you?
1. Contact me to check my availability 2. If I am available I will send you a link to a questionnaire that will allow you to input all of your info and ideas into my client management system 3. We will talk over the phone to go over everything and confirm the number of images you would like to book  4. I will send you an invoice for your deposit and your contract. 5. We can start to plan and confirm details.


Where should we have our shoot / wedding?
This is one of the most crucial aspects of the shoot so it's important to get it right. Because of this I've made a map of the best places / places I think would be dream locations in Hawaii and around the world. The locations include a strong recommendation as to what time would be best for shooting there as well as links to previous shoots that I've shot there. On islands the best time for the east facing shores is sunrise and for western facing shores the best time is sunset. If you are looking for a very unique location your best bet is the east side of the island in the morning. That comes with the extra benefit of being very private and secluded because less people around during sunrise than sunset. I'm always here to help you 

How should we plan our timeline?
As you may have guessed light is going to be the most important factor in the timeline. Once we've decided when the best time and place for the ceremony to take place will be we can look at what type of images you'd like and how many images you think you'd like to book for and go from there. We start with the ceremony time and plan backwards from that.

What should I wear to my photoshoot?
The best thing to wear is something that is fashionable but not overly colorful or patterned. It's super important that it fits well and doesn't require a lot of adjusting. Location appropriate attire is always fitting but sometimes extremely formal attire can be interesting in casual locations as well. For women long dresses are always a winner. For guys I think plain t-shirts with optional jackets and casual yet nice shoes work best. Think fashionable casual like what you might wear to the concert of a hip band... except on the neutral side when it comes to colors and extremely sparing with color and pattern. Remember, the more options the better. It's better to bring more options than will be necessary than the opposite.


Will you direct us?
Yes and no. My philosophy is that the more you enjoy the experience of taking images the better the images will be and that you'll remember the great time you had when taking it. I'll set you up in a way that you can relax and be yourself and you can trust that I'll let you know if I need you to do anything for the pics. It's best when a couple forgets about the picture and just focuses on each other. That's how intimate images are made. Not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera which is totally normal. It's my goal to direct people in a way that makes them forget that they are being photographed and instead are present within the moment. I'm all about fun and relaxing energy!

How do you deliver the photos?
All edited photos are delivered on an online gallery in high resolution. You can download and use the images in any way you like.

Do you deliver the RAW images?
No, because that's kind of like a chef serving raw ingredients. My RAW images are unedited and are not the product I want you to remember me for. 

Can I choose which photos get edited?
Yes if your wedding is over 175 images. You may make an appointment for up to 5 days after your shoot to come by my home in Kaimuki and select which images you like.

How long will it take to get my photos?
This is a hard question. I used to give out deadlines for photo delivery but I found that it sometimes made me rush which degraded the final product. I recently capped the maximum number of images I deliver to 375 because I found that anything over that amount takes much longer than a week to edit and the rest of my clients were having to wait longer than they should have. So, now I just ask that clients be flexible especially the larger their order is. I've had clients wait less than 24 hours and I've had clients wait up to 4 months. It all just depends on what my shooting schedule is like, how difficult the images are to edit, how many images there are, etc. It's also very difficult to give updates because I never know how long it is going to take to edit images. Sometimes the lighting could be perfect and the color easy to work with and I can edit 300 images in a day. Other shoots the light for whatever reason has made the color in each photo slightly different and I'm only able to edit 50 images in a day. I deliver every clients photos as soon as I can and I edit my jobs in the order they were shot. 

What kind of equipment do you use?
My two cameras are Canon 5d mk4s. The lenses I use the most are my Canon 50mm 1.4, Canon 24-70mm 2.8 and Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS. I also have a Sigma 35mm 1.4 and a Canon 16-35mm 2.8. Currently wanting to get the Sigma art 50mm 1.4 and Canon 85mm 1.2 mk2.

Do you have a second photographer?
No, but I am happy to work with other photographers especially if they are your friends or family! We all usually have someone in our lives that is a great photographer and even though they might not be a professional they still take nice pictures and they love doing it. It's great for you because the photos they take will be very meaningful, they will be easier to access, and not to mention they will likely be either cheap or free. ;) For me it's great because I have someone who has my back and I can share some of my knowledge and help someone learn about shooting weddings which always makes me feel good. For them, they get the chance to experience shooting a wedding which most people who get into photography dream of or are curious about. So it's really a win-win-win for everyone.


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